Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Community

I am excited to be as your new superintendent for the 2020-2021 school year. I know you have been very busy preparing ourselves for this incredible different school year. This summer has been filled with COvid-19, Smartstart2020, And all sorts of different professional development trainings. As this is my first year as your Superintendent, I am committed to staying the course we have set for ourselves and continuing to provide stability as we change and grow as a District. This we need to focus on doing the best we can on what we have. You will hear me addressing this throughout the year as we explore what it means, how it applies to our work, and what we plan to achieve by building relationships with one another, our students and families.<\p>

Since June we have made significant progress on the restarting of the School year. As you know the uncertainty of how the school year ended last year. We want to be prepared for all learning as we hope the Covid-19 soon leaves our lives. But we must be prepared for the uncertain.

Our plan is to get teacher and staff here before we start professional development. We have a lot of Professional Development to cover to create the best education for our children. We have set up some incentives for teachers to get here so they can start on time due to quarantine:

I am pleased introduce to the community the incredible staff that we have this year.
We are welcoming many new staff members This is the first time for years that we have a full function certified staff throughout the school. The Kashunamiut School District Family welcomes everyone to our incredible fantastic school. If you are in a new leadership position, or teacher or paraprofessional or District department team, I wish you all a successful and exciting school year in Chevak.

I look forward to welcoming you and all of our new staff members on August 10!


David A. Lougee
Kashunamiut School District

The Kashunamiut School District, school and community, while ensuring respect for all cultures, will provide the best education possible for the students to graduate, enabling them to successfully learn and grow in any environment.

Chevak School Kashunamiut SD

  • Chevak School: (907) 858-7712

    Principal: Jeanne Campbell
    Administrative Secretary: Alfred Ulroan

  • Kashunamiut SD: (907) 858-7713

    Superintendent: David Lougee
    Director of Finance: AKEBS
    HR, Administrative Secretary:
    Business Manager: Antonia Moses

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