Kashunamiut SD PSA

Kashunamiut School District PSA

  • 3/26 a positive COVID case was identified in Chevak
  • K-6 Hybrid -MT-A Group; ThF - B Group continued
  • GCI and Distant Learning resumes for 7-12; no in-person learning.
    • GCI schedule will be revised to accommodate more sessions
  • MSHS Sports are postponed until further notice.
  • All stall upon arrival to work will:
    • Enter the front door and get their temperature taken
    • Respond to general questions about health and contact with anyone who is ill or has covid symptoms.
    • If you have your first shot or no vaccination at all, you may work in the high school wing or the cafeteria.
  • Keep an ear to KCUK and the VHF. Keep an eye on the Comet Website and Facebook page for updates.
  • Tentatively, considering there are no née Covid cases in the village, the K-12 Hybrid Model will resume April 12.

March 29, 2021 : Early release for all students at 2:30 to allow teachers time to plan for a new Medium-risk plan. Teachers and staff in the building will remain on campus until their regular dismissal time.

In Memory of Iggy Chayalkun

In memory of Iggy Chayalkun In memory of Iggy Chayalkun

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The Kashunamiut School District, school and community, while ensuring respect for all cultures, will provide the best education possible for the students to graduate, enabling them to successfully learn and grow in any environment.

Chevak School Kashunamiut SD

  • Chevak School: (907) 858-7712

    Principal: Jeanne Campbell
    Administrative Secretary: Alfred Ulroan

  • Kashunamiut SD: (907) 858-7713

    Interim Chief Administrator: Jeanne Campbell
    Director of Finance: AKEBS
    HR, Administrative Secretary: Michelle Night
    Business Manager: Antonia Moses

Welcome to Chevak School!

Welcome Back and stay safe

Health Information

03/13/2020 https://education.alaska.gov/safeschools/infectiousdisease Information on staying safe during this time