March 21, 2020

Dear Chevak Community Members:

As you have probably already heard, the commissioner’s office announced late Friday afternoon that all Alaska school would remain closed to students until May 1, 2020.   The number one thing for everyone to do is to remain calm.

Our staff will work together to develop our school’s plan of operations relating to the extended closure announcement made Friday afternoon.  Our leadership team will meet with the commissioner via teleconference early Monday morning and begin determining what options are available to our school and community.

 For the immediate coming week all previously planned programs and procedures stay in place.

  • Teachers and other staff are preparing assignment packets of materials for parents to pick up for their students.
  • Lunch and breakfast for students will continue to be distributed for parents to pick up at 12 noon on Monday and throughout this week.
  • Certified staff will report to work each day as previously planned.
  • 12 month staff members such as maintenance and janitorial staff will continue to report to work on their assigned duty schedule and hours.
  • Other classified staff members will report to work at 10 am through 2 pm as previously planned, and some will work longer hours as requested to do so by school administration.

I am sure that our school district and community will get through this temporary precautionary closure period.  Of course there will be many questions and challenges in the coming months but we will work with our staff to solve problems as necessary.   Questions may be addressed via email or phone to our two principals, Mr. Preston and Mr. Sunderaj, or myself.  Contact numbers are listed below.

Richard Lee, Superintendent
Chevak School 858-7712

District Office 858-7713

The Kashunamiut School District, school and community, while ensuring respect for all cultures, will provide the best education possible for the students to graduate, enabling them to successfully learn and grow in any environment.

Chevak School Kashunamiut SD

  • Chevak School: (907) 858-7712

    Principal: Jeanne Campbell
    Administrative Secretary: Alfred Ulroan

  • Kashunamiut SD: (907) 858-7713

    Superintendent: David Lougee
    Director of Finance: AKEBS
    HR, Administrative Secretary:
    Business Manager: Antonia Moses

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